Cosmetics and make up in Prague

Cosmetics and make up in Prague

The beauty salon called Beauty ART Prague 1 (Vodičkova street) offers a wide range of services of the highest quality in the center of Prague.

Cosmetic facial

Facial skin cleansing is currently the most sought after cleansing procedure. It is necessary for all skin types of any age. Skin cleansing is a hygienic procedure that helps the skin to have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance.

Clogged skin is unable to perform its important functions:

  • protective
  • permeable
  • thermoregulative
  • breathing

Therefore, facial skin cleansing in the beauty salon is generally recommended at least once a month. During facial cleansing, the upper horny layer of the skin gets gently separated, blackheads and acne are removed; the skin regains its protective function. Blood circulation and metabolism is stimulated.

After a thorough cleansing, the skin begins once more to breathe. This helps prevent many cosmetic imperfections on the skin. For cleaning, we use special products that are easily absorbed by the skin. These products make the skin look and feel younger, fresh and attractive.

  • Fot all treatments free eyebrow and hand massage also for free!

    Basic Cosmetic Treatment 60 min 750,-
    Standard Cosmetic Treatment 80 min  990,-
    Young and Acne Skin Treatment 60 min  590,-
      80 min 790,-
    Head and Neck Massage 30 min  350,-
    Ultrasound Spatula Clean-up 30 min 150,-
    Adjustment and Colour    
    Eyebrows Adjustment   80,-
    Eyebrows Colour   150,-
    Eyelashes Colour   130,-
    Upper Lip   120,-
    Sideburns   120,-
    Armpits   450,-
    Arms   600,-
    Legs   850,-
    Calfs   600,-
    Back   750,-
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