Eyelash extensions in Prague

Eyelash extensions in Prague

A modern woman wants to be beautiful not only for the people around her, but also for herself! Misses or ladies may have problems with many kinds of cosmetic deficiency, including thin or falling out eyelashes. What to do about it?

The ideal solution is eyelash extensions in our professional beauty salon in Prague 1. Thanks to the professional care of experienced cosmeticians, your eyelashes will look thicker, fuller and longer. Within a short period of time, you can get new, beautiful eyelashes that will highlight your captivating look. This special eyelash extension method is also suitable for women with sensitive skin around the eyes. Also women suffering from allergies or for example even athletes can get their eyelashes extended.

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Advantages of extended eyelashes

One of the indisputable advantages is that you will not need mascara anymore. You'll save not only money invested in its purchase, but also your time and energy. Other advantages of extended eyelashes include easy care and long life. Shiny and smooth thickened eyelashes offer several options of appearance, from the optical enlargement of the eyes, over a natural look to a sexy look. You can choose the application of natural mink eyelashes or new synthetic eyelashes. Our excellent team of beauticians will be happy to advise our clients with the selection.


New Eyelashes
New BLINK LASHES synthetic 1500,-
New BLINK LASHES synthetic (0.07mm) 2500,-
New MINK LASHES synthetic
New mink lashes natural  2500,-
BLINK LASHES  2-3 weeks 600,-
  3-4 weeks  700,-
After 5 weeks, the price is the same as of new lashes.
MINK LASHES 2-3 weeks  700,-
  3-4 weeks  800,-
After 5 weeks, the price is the same as of new lashes.
Mink and BLINK LASHES (0.07mm)
1-2 weeks 600,-
  2-3 weeks 700,-
After 4 weeks, the price is the same as of new lashes.
Eyelashes removal   300,-

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