False eyelashes

Are you going to the theater, ball or another social event? In order to highlight your beauty and the captivating look of your eyes, you no longer have to spend long hours in front of a mirror. False eyelashes are a novelty, used by millions of women around the world, even for everyday use. Our beauty salon in the center of Prague will take care of the correct and precise application of false eyelashes to your natural eyelashes. You can put your classical mascara away. Your eyelashes will always be perfect, without any effort, and with false eyelashes it is even possible to engage in sports, including swimming.

False eyelashes are lightweight and natural-looking

Any client, regardless of age or profession can make an appointment at the beauty salon in the center of Prague. We welcome both young girls and mature ladies who want to be attractive to people around them and for themselves. We will easily dispel any concerns that false eyelashes will look unnatural! The false eyelashes that we apply using special sterile equipment, are made from quality materials such as silk, mink or synthetic material. We do not use any strips of false eyelashes – we lengthen the eyelashes separately, that´s why it looks natural and it gives you a sensual look. If you also want to become one of the number of satisfied customers, we look forward to seeing you in our beauty salon, Beauty ART, in Prague 1.

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