CND Shellac

A cosmetic novelty in the world of nail modeling is the CND Shellac method that makes the nails look real, nice and natural. This completely unique method is offered in our renowned beauty salon in Prague 1. Are you asking why CND Shellac? It´s advantage is its long durability (up to three weeks), abrasion resistance and immediate dry, shiny surface like a mirror. The main trick is that there is no need to glue anything to the natural nails, only special (strong and durable) polish is applied to the nail surface. When it is cured, the nails aren´t filed anymore, which significantly saves time. CND Shellac can also be applied to the toenails, with the same effect.

Treatment options and embellishments

The special polish may be in basic colors or other tones. The choice of color is linked with the choice of embellishments, such as rhinestones or glitters, which firmly stick (due to UV lamps these are incorporated directly onto the polish). If you wish, the manicurist can remove both the embellishment and polish in a few minutes, in case you feel that it´s time for change. CND Shellac is appreciated by all women that are looking for natural and an absolutely gentle treatment of natural nails.


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