Gel nails Prague

Do you like the beautifully groomed, albeit artificial nails of your friend or colleague from the office? You can also have the same if you call to make an appointment in the beauty salon of Prague 1. Our experienced manicurists will precisely apply the modern gel nails, and you will then be able to enjoy their benefits. Gel nails can be applied to all types of nails and they can even overlap cracked or otherwise damaged nails. Another advantage is that gel nails have a very natural look, and are thin and flexible. They look beautiful, even sensual on the charming female finger.

How does the application of gel nails proceed

In our unique beauty salon in the center of the metropolis, we use the standard procedure, which is accessible to all customers within terms of time and cost. The gel is first applied to the nail and then it is cured under a special UV lamp. The procedure of the application of the gel nails is designed in order to enable the growth of your natural nails and make them more durable. Don´t be afraid of trying gel nails and you can also recommend them to your friends without worrying!

Gel nails and their advantages

So let's summarize the advantages that accompany gel nails, thus the application and wearing:

  • gel nails and their application are odorless
  • our method provides a very natural result, whether you paint the gel nails or not
  • gel nails are easy to refill, which is very beneficial for women who find the refilling procedure uncomfortable and for women with a lack of time
  • gel nails may overlap damaged and cracked nails
  • gel nails can be applied to all types of nails

Note: These benefits are guaranteed only for the use of our method in our beauty salon.

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