Gel nails refills in Prague

Gel nails remain beautiful for a long time, but still every nail needs to be refilled every three to four weeks. The interval between refills varies with each costumer, depending on how fast the nails grow. In our specialized beauty salon, located in Prague 1, we only use proven and professional cosmetic products when refilling gel nails. Just make an appointment over the phone and our handy manicurists will take care of the flawless refilling of the gel nails, and if you break a nail, for example, they can immediately repair or replace it.

How does the gel nails refills proceed

Customers that visit our unique beauty salon in the center of Prague can expect a pleasant procedure, during which the manicurist performs several quick and painless operations. For gel nails refills, it is necessary to file down the original gel first of all. Then the nails are shortened and formed into the desired shape, and only then the new application of the gel on treated nails is applied. The clear gel is cured under a special UV lamp. If the refill does not apply to the nails with a French manicure, there is enough time to shape the gel into a fancy white curl or use other embellishments. It depends on your special desire!
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