Pedicure in Prague

Pedicure in Prague

Depending on the way of treating the skin and feet, we divide the pedicure into a mechanical pedicure, spa pedicure and classic pedicure.

Until a few years ago, pedicures were considered a luxury but today, pedicures have become necessary for the active modern man because the aim is to have not only healthy, bud also well-groomed feet.

The tradition that pedicures are exclusively a female thing is already obsolete, because well-groomed and healthy feet are needed also by the stronger half of humanity.

Pedicures include a set of procedures for the care of your feet: steaming of the skin of the feet, foot massage, removal of calluses, corns, treatment of corns and ingrown nails, as well as a number of other treatments aimed at improving and maintaining the beautiful appearance of the feet of all our clients.

Types of pedicure

  • classic pedicure
  • SPA pedicure
Classic wet pedicure 500,-
bath, removal of calloused skin, fingernails cut, skin care, cream
Wellnes pedicure 600,-
classic pedicure + peeling, massage, application of VINILUX nail polish
Pedicure Shellack Wellness 980,-
Wellness pedicure + application of Shellack  
Application of Shellack 450,-
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