Permanent makeup in Prague

Permanent makeup in Prague

Do you, dear ladies, have little time for morning makeup? The ideal solution is permanent makeup, which means enhancing the color of the skin pigment in the face so that it appears constantly groomed and made-up.
Permanent makeup (facial cosmetic tattooing) can be ordered by phone at our salon in Prague 1. Thanks to this proven method, we will improve or fill in your eyebrows, enlarge or modify the shape of the lips and visually improve the flabby corners of the eyes. Permanent makeup has an average durability of three to five years. The duration depends on how often the woman´s skin changes, how much she sweats or how old she is.

The people around you will not recognize that it is not regular makeup

The popular permanent makeup is made by a special electronic device, which has a needle with various numbers of tips attached to it. The vibrating needle mounts up the pigment and injects it into the skin. Dyes stored under the top layer of the skin shine through, and thereby achieve the desired effect. It is necessary to apply a special healing cream to places in which the permanent makeup has been applied for the next few days. For more information, please visit our beauty salon in Prague 1.

Permanent makeup - procedure

  1. Writing up a contract for work, which lists all the risks and guidance on how to treat permanent makeup.
  2. Explanation of the procedure, agreement of the tone, unification of visions between you and the beautician.
  3. Disinfection of the place for the permanent makeup, application of a special cream.
  4. Covering of the place with a plastic wrap and waiting for about 30 minutes.
  5. A new disinfection of the place for the permanent makeup and alternatively drawing of the desired shape.
  6. The application of the permanent makeup.
  7. After finishing, the place of application is treated.

All the work is always done under your supervision, with your knowledge and in a sterile environment.

price list
Eyebrows Classic Technique 3000,- 2000,-
Eyebrows Soft Shading Technique   3500,-
Eyebrows Soft Hair Stroke Technique   4000 - 4500,-
Lip contour   3000,-
Lip contour with shading    3500,-
Upper eyelid lines   1800,-
Lower eyelid lines   1200,-
Upper and lower eyelid lines   3000,-
Correction within a year   500,-
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